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Prescription cannabis comes in various formats to cater to different patient preferences and medical needs. Some common formats include:  


  1. Oils / Tinctures: Cannabis extracts infused in carrier oils, taken orally using a dropper. 
  2. Capsules: Solid-fill capsules containing measured doses of cannabis, for oral consumption. 
  3. Dried Flower: The raw, dried buds of the cannabis plant, usually used for inhalation through vaporization. 
  4. Vape Cartridges: Pre-filled cartridges designed for use with vaporizing devices, allowing inhalation of cannabis vapours. 
  5. Topicals: Cannabis-infused creams, balms, or patches that are applied directly to the skin for localized relief. 
  6. Edibles: Cannabis-infused food products, such as gummies, chocolates, or baked goods, meant for oral consumption. 
  7. Suppositories: Rectal or vaginal inserts containing cannabis for localised effects. 

The choice of format often depends on the patient’s medical condition, desired effects, and personal preferences. It’s essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine the most suitable form of medicinal cannabis for individual needs. 

Certain patients have observed that orally ingested prescription cannabis oil may have a more gradual impact when compared to inhaled cannabis. It is crucial to follow the dosing guidance provided by your consultant. When beginning with your initial dosage, we recommend remaining in a comfortable environment, such as your home, until you understand how the medication will affect you. 

Yes, your medical cannabis product does expire. The expiration date can be found clearly marked on the product packaging.  

Please ensure to dispose of any medication that has passed its expiry date at your designated pharmacy. Should you have any inquiries, kindly consult your pharmacist for guidance. 

Numerous prescribed medicinal cannabis products comprise full-spectrum plant extracts, indicating that they encompass not just THC and CBD but also lesser-known cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant components. 

Once you recall, take your medication promptly. However, avoid taking an additional dose or increasing the quantity of your next dose to compensate for the missed one. In case of uncertainty, consult your consultant or get in touch with the Kynd Medical Clinics team for guidance. 

Continue with cannabis-based prescription medication’s (CBPMs) for the duration advised by your consultant. 

If you have decided not to continue taking CBPMs, please discuss this with your consultant. 

As with all medication, we advise against consuming alcohol while using prescription cannabis. In certain situations, the combination of alcohol and cannabis can lead to impaired judgment. 

As with any medication, prescription cannabis may have side effects. Usually, these effects are more noticeable at the beginning of your treatment plan and are generally mild, subsiding within a few hours. 

To alleviate discomfort, we suggest staying hydrated or taking a cold shower. Some common side effects may include nausea, headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, blurred vision, diarrhoea, euphoria, impaired thinking, increased appetite, low blood pressure, and an elevated heart rate. 

If you encounter any of these side effects, please reach out to your consultant or get in touch with the Kynd Medical Clinics team for guidance. 

Refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence of prescription cannabis. If you experience symptoms like light-headedness, dizziness, drowsiness, or double vision, it is essential not to drive or use heavy machinery. Engaging in activities that could pose a risk to yourself or others should be avoided. For more detailed information, please visit: 

While traveling, it is crucial to be aware of potential restrictions on bringing or taking items in and out of the countries you visit. Cannabis is subject to strict regulations, and possession may be illegal in certain countries, regardless of having a consultant’s prescription. Before traveling with prescription cannabis, we advise consulting the following page: GOV.UK. 

To determine your eligibility, kindly fill out our eligibility form, accessible here. Alternatively, your healthcare provider can refer you to our clinic by completing the designated form. 

In order to assess the potential benefits of medical cannabis for your condition, we require relevant records from your GP and/or specialist. If you are currently under the care of another medical cannabis clinic, we will request you to provide the clinic letter they have issued to you. 

To make changes to your medication or, obtain a repeat prescription your doctor will provide recommendations during a follow-up consultation. Should you have any inquiries or requests regarding ordering or adjusting your medication, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Kynd Medical Clinics team. 

Sharing your prescription with another patient is not permitted. The medical cannabis dosage and type of medicine prescribed are specific to your individual needs and condition. It is essential to avoid sharing this information with anyone else. 

Prescriptions for medical cannabis with THC are administered in significantly lower doses than recreational street cannabis. Consequently, the likelihood of addiction or withdrawal symptoms is minimised. Recreational street cannabis with high THC levels does carry a small risk of addiction. However, this risk is much lower when compared to potent painkillers like opioids. 

At Kynd Medical Clinics, we prioritise providing you with the best service, ensuring that you can see a doctor at your utmost convenience. Whether you prefer an appointment in a few days, a week, or even longer, we are here to support you throughout the process. 


Please be aware that if you opt for us to source your medical records, the process might take slightly longer compared to uploading them directly to our patient portal. 


Once you’ve consulted with a specialist and they determine that medical cannabis could be beneficial for you, your case will be presented to our multi-disciplinary board, convening every weekday. Upon a successful review, your medication will be securely and discreetly delivered to your doorstep through our next day delivery service. 

Should you require to reschedule or modify your appointment for any reason, kindly do so through your patient portal at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid incurring charges. If you need to make changes less than 48 hours before your appointment, please contact our clinic team at to discuss further. 

Yes, if you meet the requirements for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or the Disability Living Allowance (DLA), you may be eligible to access cannabis-based medicines. For all claims and any inquiries regarding this matter, please direct to GOV.UK.